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    Unite Group
    JP Morgan Cazenove
    Marks & Spencer G...
    Shore Capital
    B&M European Valu...
    Signature Aviation
    Berenberg Bank
    Ashmore Group
    Shore Capital
    Berenberg Bank
    Hurricane Energy
    Canaccord Genuity
    Speculative Buy

    Company Name Date Trade Value
    Expand Schroder Ori... (2) 02-Jun-20   Buy of £9.99k
      Ms Katherine Cornish-Bowden 02-Jun-20   Buy of £5.00k
      Ms Katherine Cornish-Bowden 02-Jun-20   Buy of £4.99k

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       City Merchan... 03-Jun-20   Buy of £4,124k
    Expand LSL Property... (2) 02-Jun-20   Buy of £300
      Mr Adam Castleton 02-Jun-20   Buy of £150
      Ms Helen Buck 02-Jun-20   Buy of £150

    Company Name Date Trade Value
       Vertu Motors 03-Jun-20   Buy of £31.0k
    Expand Inspired Energy (4) 02-Jun-20   Buy of £22,815k
      Mr Mark Dickinson 02-Jun-20   Buy of £9,802k
      Mr Paul Connor 02-Jun-20   Buy of £7,436k
      Mr Michael James Fletcher 02-Jun-20   Buy of £3,634k
      Mr Richard Logan 02-Jun-20   Buy of £1,944k
       Braveheart I... 02-Jun-20   Sell of £686k
    Expand Sigmaroc (4) 02-Jun-20   Buy of £26.9k
      Mr David Barrett 02-Jun-20   Buy of £8.00k
      Mr Max Vermoken 02-Jun-20   Buy of £7.00k
      Mr Garth Palmer 02-Jun-20   Buy of £10.00k
      Mr Dean Masefield 02-Jun-20   Buy of £1.95k
       Helios Under... 02-Jun-20   Buy of £20.4k
    Expand Gooch & Housego (2) 02-Jun-20   Buy of £15.1k
      Mr Gary Bullard 02-Jun-20   Buy of £10.1k
      Ms Louise Evans 03-Jun-20   Buy of £4.99k
    Index asc Value asc Chg asc % Chg asc
    ASX 200 5941.60 106.50 1.83 %
    ASX All... 6064.90 104.80 1.76 %
    CAC 40 5022.38 163.41 3.36 %
    Dow Jon... 26269.89 527.24 2.05 %
    FTSE 100 6382.41 162.27 2.61 %
    FTSE 250 17897.08 460.77 2.64 %
    FTSE Al... 3531.75 89.29 2.59 %
    FTSE MI... 19641.81 670.72 3.54 %
    FTSE te... 5398.20 131.52 2.50 %
    IBEX 35 7626.40 218.30 2.95 %
    Nasdaq 100 9704.69 47.38 0.49 %
    S&P 500 3122.87 42.05 1.36 %
    TSX Com... 15575.11 180.75 1.17 %
    Xetra DAX 12487.36 466.08 3.88 %
    Life Insurance
    Oil Equipment, Se...
    Aerospace & D...
    Automobiles &...
    Construction & Ma...
    Nonlife Insurance
    Travel & Leisure
    Oil & Gas Pro...
    Industrial Metals...
    There are no falling sectors today.

    Note 1: Prices and trades are provided by Digital Look Corporate Solutions and are delayed by at least 15 minutes.

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